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accepted by USCIS, univrsities and colleges, any US agency
fast turnaround, 24 hour expedited service available
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accepted by USCIS, US universities and colleges, any government agency

fast turnaround, 24 hour expedited service available

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thousands of satisfied clients in  Washington DC Metro Area


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Washington is the capital of the United States, often called DC.

Many immigrants from Russia decide to settle in Washington, they are attracted by the opportunity to find a jobs in Fannie Mae, United States Postal Service. Some of them are planning to study at University of the District of Columbia, George Washington's University,  Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins's University. Whatever reason of your stay in Washington DC, you'll need a translation of documents from Russian. Our translation agency will help you with this.

We translate personal documents such as birth certificate, marriage and divorce certificates, passports, as well as  educational documents: high school certificates, diplomas and transcripts. Our translations are accepted by Washington office of the USCIS, and any DC university or college. Translation is performed on the page with official letterhead and include Affidavit of Translation Accuracy.

In our translation agency has qualified and professional translators. We don't have directors and managers, but we have the translators and editors. Our customers is not fortune-500 companies like  Coca-Cola or Johnson & Johnson, our customers are ordinary people who one day decided to change their lives and move to Washington. And we hope that we can help you pass the tranlsation related steps easily.